Monday, June 30, 2008

I said I would be back....

and I am. Probably won't post daily but I am getting back into the swing of creating. While I wasn't stamping for the past few months, I was still buying stamps. I just love the Honey Bees set from Papertrey Ink. This is what I made using that set.

Isn't it a cute paint can. This is the small size paint can. I used black-eyed susan paper by colorblok (my favorite flower is black-eyed susans).

I also made a coordinating card. Here is the outside.

Here is the inside.

While you probably can't see it in the photo, I added some yellow stickles to the bee on top and it looks cute with the sparkle. I love my stickles!

PLUS! I also made a complete scrapbook (forgot to take photo's of a few pages before I sent it in the mail this morning) for my mother-in-law with photo's from her 80th birthday weekend. The scrapbook came out great (if I must say so myself). I sent it priority today - - I hope she likes it.

Penny is doing great. She graduated from the Petco Puppy School on Saturday (we are so proud of her!). I signed her up for another training course at a different place and we start on July 15th. Her newest trick is: BANG YOUR DEAD (she rolls on her back with her paws up in the air - - so cute). I am taking her for a day of beauty on Wednesday. I'll take pictures of her then and post. She is really cute and less than 6 pounds at 4 months so the Vet predicts she will likely be 12-13 pounds when full grown.

A lot of fun coming up. We have three summer birthdays, camps and vacations to look forward to. This will be a busy summer.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'll be back...

I know it's been a long time. No details, but it's been a difficult few months. I haven't stamped in a few months but an anxious to start again.

As you probably know, Penny is home! She is 15 weeks tomorrow and weighs 5 lbs and 8 ounces. She is really cute and is pretty good (still has an accident every now and then). We go for puppy class every Saturday and have a trainer come to our house every two weeks to work with us. We are training her to hopefully be a therapy dog some day....visiting hospital and nursing homes. Right now she knows the following commands:




Stay (sort of)

Leave it (sort of - depending on what it is)

and today she finally got PAW - - I have been working with her for two weeks on this one.

We are not doing well with OFF but will continue to work on that one.

Next I am going to teach her roll-over.

Penny has been a lot of fun. I took her for a walk on the green tonight but all she really wanted to do was lay down on the grass and relax . . . I ended up carrying her (lol)...some walk.

Anyway, wanted you to know I was still here and will begin blogging again soon.