Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday....

I look forward to weekends! Always something to do now that Pat is off on weekends. I am posting a card I made for my monthly swap. I really had a creative block this month. I made this card very slowly, first coming up with the fold (it's a tri-fold which doesn't photograph very well), then I decided on the paper (two different designs to make the 10 cards - I only had one piece left of each), then after looking at it for several days I added the snowflakes. So here I am with a card and no stamping...I added the sentiment after looking at it another few days. There is also a nice sentiment on the inside (didn't photograph the inside). For a simple card, it took a while to make. I hope the swappers like the card. They are a pretty creative group!

Weekend plans include having dinner with high school friends of Pat's, Kerry's classes and rehearsals and Girl Scouts! We will be busy. I am now on facebook....if you are a friend, add me!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Michelle said...

This is a great card, I love the fold!

Diane said...

So pretty Diane!!!