Monday, October 20, 2008

Another busy week....

Another busy week after a busy weekend. Patrick and I celebrated our 27th anniversary with a fabulous dinner at a wonderful restaurant. I had a night out with friends (buffet dinner and comedy) that was a lot of fun. It was homecoming weekend for Kerry - she had a wonderful time and looked beautiful in her new dress. This week I bowl on Monday (as usual), Dog Park Meeting on Tuesday and on Wednesday a fun night at bookclub. I think I have an idea for a costume (our book club hostess is having a prize for best costume). Then, I have to get ready for a weekend visitor...Meghan is coming home...yeah! We are having a family portrait done at church on Saturday.

Here is a card I made for a swap.

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Michelle said...

You sound extremely busy Diane. Happy Belated Anniversary. I love your card :)